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What is Alabekalishanishanaynay, you may ask?

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The Marvelous Story of Alabekalishanishanaynay Island 

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Alabekalishanishanaynay Island, many people resided in their Alabekalishanishanaynay homes. They were all exceptionally elated to dwell amongst their colleagues and fellow Alabekalishanishanaynay Island citizens. There, they were governed by a long line of brilliant individuals who were of high aristocratic status and were revered throughout their years of ruling. This group was the Alabekalishanishanaynay family, which included Alexandra Alabekalishanishanaynay, Alexander Alabekalishanishanaynay, Ally Alabekalishanishanaynay, Alan Alabekalishanishanaynay, Alvin Alabekalishanishanaynay, Allana Alabekalishanishanaynay, Andy Alabekalishanishanaynay, Adam Alabekalishanishanaynay, and Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay.

 One day, one of the Alabekalishanishanaynay citizens came to Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay, the wisest of all of the Alabekalishanishanaynay descendants, and visited her in her palace, Alabekalishanishanaynay Manor, crying out, hopelessly, “Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay! Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay! You must help us, oh Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay!” Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay mused, “What could be going on in our lovely land of Alabekalishanishanaynay?” She would attempt to calm the troubled citizen in all her power, although she could not find the crux of the Alabekalishanishanaynay citizen’s problem. “Dear Alabekalishanishanaynay citizen, what is your predicament?” Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay asked calmly, trying not to stir up any more trouble, knowing how worried the Alabekalishanishanaynay citizens were about most things. Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay pondered over what could be going on in Alabekalishanishanaynay Island that she was not told about. Had one of the Alabekalishanishanaynay crocodiles been let loose? Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay did not know.

  Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay sent out the Alabekalishanishanaynay guards to investigate the problem. It seemed that one of the Alabekalishanishanaynay Island citizens had grown ill. Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay sent one of the Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay Hospital of Alabekalishanishanaynay Island’s doctors to help the ill Alabekalishanishanaynay citizen. Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay was content, knowing that she had assisted one of the Alabekalishanishanaynay Island citizens. “Another day on Alabekalishanishanaynay Island is over, and everything is well.” Alabekalishanishanaynay Alabekalishanishanaynay said happily as she slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep in Alabekalishanishanaynay Manor. 

The End.